How To Position Your Business To Grow or To Sell
Playing small isn’t in your nature. As the CEO of your business, you know how to scale and grow. Maybe you’ve hit a wall or your business strategy needs a boost. You’ve already figured out how to earn 6-7 figures, are you ready to earn billions? 

Who this challenge is for…
•Business owners who have a growth mindset 
•People who are dreamers AND doers 
•Those who are already making 6-7 figures in business
•People who are see themselves as billion dollar earners

Who this challenge is not for…
•Business earners who are not ready to scale or grow 
•People with limited beliefs around money 
•People with fears around success who refuse to change
•Those that do not want to earn a billion or more! 
Scale to Grow or Sell includes EVERYTHING you need 
to position your business for billions. 
Learn from a panel of expert strategists alongside the Coach to Billionaires™, Dr. Jené Walker. The only thing you have to do is log in ready to learn, take notes and do the work. This 7 day digital training is all about giving you the right tools to grow your business. Get all of the top strategies to accelerate your business and achieve the revenue goals of your dreams.
“This challenge has blessed me abundantly. It has helped me get my business properly organized. I took the time to create a financial timeline so that I could focus on scaling. Now I am able to effectively build my wealth strategy and take action towards making billions. 
Thank you so much for this 7 day challenge.”
 –- Dajah

Scale to Grow or Sell is a 7 day training teaching you how to position your business for billion dollar growth! 
Learn from Dr. Jené Walker, Coach to Billionaires™ along with six powerhouse experts ready to help you strategize your way to 
billion dollar wealth.

Your Scale to Grow or Sale Registration Includes:
7 Days of Training from 7 Experts

PLUS a free BONUS Business Checklist

Along with learning the 7 New Money Rules for first billionaires, where you’ll gain tools for preparing your business 
for increase and growth.

All for only an exclusive one-time investment of 
$27 (a $997 value)

The 7 New Money Rules 
For First Billionaires 
If you want to level up, you have to know how to reach the next level.

Did you know there specific rules you MUST execute to reach the next level? 

To see billion dollar growth, you need a billion dollar strategy. While billions may seem out of your reach right now, with the right plan, you’ll be able to hit the RIGHT milestones to incrementally achieve your dreams. 

Tyler Perry was once homeless, but he always knew he was destined for greatness. Through the days of living in his car, launching failed plays and experiencing multiple setbacks, he eventually saw lasting success. 

Why? He didn’t give up. His plan – little by little – yielded him a high return on investment. His vision allowed him to take action.

The 7 New Money Rules for first billionaires is designed to strategically prepare you for life-long wealth. 

Using these rules, you will learn how to scale your 
6-7 million dollar business to billions.


During the 7 day digital training you’ll learn the 
3 simple strategies to set yourself up 
for the billion dollar revenue your business deserves.  
The question to ask yourself:
Do you believe God wants you to be wealthy? 
If the answer is yes, 
Secure Your Billion Dollar Bag for Only $27.
BONUS: Sign up now and receive a free 
First Billionaire Business Checklist.
What the participants are saying...
"Wow! Wow!" - Lauren, Real Estate Consultant
What the participants are saying...
"In the back of my mind, I believed that if God blessed me to win the lottery, I could be a billionaire. Not one time did I think that with the gifts He has given me, that I could take that and transcend that into being a billionaire." - 
Tiki, Real Estate Consultant

Dr. Chandra Winford, Mortgage Loan Officer & Accountant

Chandra Winford is a top producing Mortgage Loan Officer within her company, assisting clients with navigating the loan process. She is also the CEO of Winford Financial located in Austell, Georgia. Winford Financial’s focus is on
providing practical solutions for clients. Services include bookkeeping, tax services,
financial consulting and analysis to assist businesses with making better financial decisions.

Gwen Shaw, Career Financial Representative

Gwendolyn G. Shaw is the first black female a Career Financial Representative and Agency Owner with COUNTRY Financial with an office based in the Chatham neighborhood, and where she offers insurance, retirement planning and investment solutions for Illinois, and Indiana, Georgia and Alabama.

Gwen is the first African-American female to become Career Financial Representative in the Midwest and is celebrated 10 years this past March. This distinction is a testament to her tireless commitment to excellence and service to her community. She serves on many boards including the, notably the Executive Board of Directors for the Chatham Business Association, Executive Board of Directors for Genesis Housing Development Corporation, NHS Advisory Council and
former board President of GRANDFamilies Chicago.

Gwen is a proud member of NAIFA-National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and in 2018 completed the prestigious Leadership in Life Insurance (LILI) program. She also maintains a membership with NAAIA-National African-American Insurance Association and several other industry-related organizations.

Attorney Alexis Hart McDowell

Alexis Hart McDowell is an award-winning real estate & business attorney who has dedicated her life to empowering her community. Alexis lives out her purpose by educating people of color on how to build wealth through real estate and entrepreneurship though her Buildings $ Business™ brand. Known as the Enterprise Esquire®, Alexis runs a successful MBE/WBE certified law firm that handles business formations and real estate transactions for buyers, sellers, and investors so they can Focus on Profits Not Paperwork™.

Coach Makeda Smith CEO, Growth Wealth Strategist

Makeda Smith is a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Producer of 17 years. She is known as an educator, digital marketer, change agent and growth wealth strategist by her clients and following. They call her Millionaire Maker, Comfort Zone Killer and the Implementer because she gets stuff done, not only for herself but for her clients. She has taken her love for Real Estate and Marketing, creating the trademarked brand, 

Savvy Chicks in Real Estate®️ which helps women in real estate and women in different business industries learn how to maximize their online presence and create additional streams of income using digital marketing. She helps female entrepreneurs to scale their business using ebooks, masterclasses, courses, memberships, guides, consultations, including coaching & consultants programs to earn passive income.

Savvy Chicks in Real Estate®️ is a premier luxury Marketing Agency, serving leaders in multiple industries from Doctors and Lawyers to Beauty and Fashion because her marketing formula for social media works for all brands. This phenomenon has most recently launched her personal brand, Makeda Smith CEO along with her signature 12 month Coaching Program entitled, “Seven Figure CEO™️ where she is helping six figure women entrepreneurs scale to one million by launching winning digital products and online services in a savvy and non-conforming way without breaking the bank in 12 or less.

Lenor Sherman

Lenor Sherman has been in the Real Estate field over 25 years. She is a Managing Broker with a thriving brokerage and Property Management company. She worked for the City of Chicago as an Asset Manager with the Chicago Housing Authority for 10 years where she learned construction, financing and budgets. She managed and oversaw the construction of the 1st Mixed Income Development in the Country here in Chicago and managed the redevelopment of over 5000 units for the city.  
Today Mrs. Lenor Sherman is a broker that sells homes, does custom renovation projects, fix and flip for herself as an investor and her clients. She also serves as Project Manager for most of her out of state clients.
Lenor is a very knowledgeable licensed General Contractor in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs and the CEO of the new education company, Property Management Basics.  She teaches classes on fix and flip and is known as the Real Estate Investment Mogul. She holds several HUD certifications and licenses in her field.  

Jourdan Martin, Investment Strategist

Featured in Yahoo Finance and Influencive, Jourdan Martin is a graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi, where he received a B.S.B.A. in Banking and Finance. During his time in college, he also obtained a Bloomberg Market Concepts certification. He began trading and investing in the stock market in 2012 after developing a passion for learning about how it works and how it can be used to create wealth and income. That passion for the market combined with a passion for helping others led to the creation of Martin Investment Group L.L.C. Through Martin Investment Group, thousands have learned how to use the stock market to generate supplemental income, passive income, and wealth for themselves. 
What You’ll Get When You Join:
•Access to a State of the Art digital course platform 
​•Exclusive New Money Rules curriculum
•Training Sessions Led by Experts and the Coach to Billionaires™
•Implementation Days built into training sessions
​•7 Pre-Recorded Masterclasses To View At Your Pace
​•Daily Review Assignments
Bring your journals and your billionaire mindset!
7-Day Scale To Grow or Sell Agenda
Day 1: 
Chandra Windford will teach you how to organize your business documentation. Learn how to get our business documentation solidified and organized for Series A investors.
Day 2: 
Gwen Shaw will teach you how to solidify your business and net worth financial plan. Learn how to solidify your business and net worth financial plan so that your business has assets and you have assets.
Day 3: 
Attorney Alexis McDowell will teach you how to create a comprehensive conglomerate and ecosystem business map. Learn how to create a conglomerate map of all our business ventures and how to make sure they are aligned, yet distinct entities.
Day 4: 
Makeda Smith will teach you how to create your company's wealth strategy. Learn how to create a plan of action including your company's methodology for scaling and reaching your financial goals. 
Day 5: 
Lenor Sherman will teach you how to map out your and your company's real estate portfolio (assets). Learn how to create a 15-year map of all your desired real estate ventures including how to determine if it's a billion dollar portfolio.
Day 6: 
Jourdan Martin will teach you how to research the portfolio of billionaires and create your investment plan. Learn how to use the study of at least three billionaire portfolios including how they amassed their billions, to create your own investment plan.
Day 7: 
Makeda Smith will teach you how to prepare your company for wealth transfers and acquisition. Learn how to use a comprehensive list of targets you should meet to prepare your business to be acquired for billions.

Meet the Coach To Billionaires™
Jené Walker is a highly sought after mindset and leadership development coach, founder of the First Billionaire™ Club and the owner of Unleash the Leader®, Corporation. Walker, whose educational and professional background is in leadership and curriculum and instruction, saw a need to help leaders transform their mindsets so they can manifest the 
legendary leadership for which they were created.  
Walker has coached, trained and developed thousands of leaders as well as created curricula for education, business, churches across the nation and male penal systems in Georgia and South Carolina. She is the creator of the First Billion™ movement for CEOs who want to scale their businesses and become the first billionaires in their family. 
Walker is passionate and determined to fulfill her mission, which is to use biblical principles to educate, empower, and equip leaders across the nations to dominate in their purpose, advance to legendary, and manifest billions. Dr. Walker envisions a world in which every leader is unleashed to dominate and advance the kingdom of God.
Jené Walker is the CEO of Salt and Light Evanglistic Association, Incorporated, a nonprofit charitable organization. A native of Waycross, GA, Jené is the mother of one son, Jaylen who rests in heaven while still inspiring her to dominate in every area of her life and to live her life like it's golden. She is the daughter of James (deceased) and Helen Walker.

Walker has...
  •  Helped over 1000 leaders develop legendary leadership skills and 
  • Helped leaders to increase their bottom line in their salaries 
  •  Spoken at leadership and business events on how to transform the mindset and dominate the marketplace
Discover Why Business Owners are  
Raving About The Coach To Billionaires
The results in your business will vary and are not guaranteed by Unleash the Leader® or any other expert in this challenge. 
You must take continued consistent strategic action in your business. You must invest in your business. You must continually get mindset and leadership development coaching. If you listen to the experts in this training and do not take the right actions for your business, you will not get the results you desire .  

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